Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Day of Overpriced Love

So I’ve been off with the fairies, again, but I bring you my Valentines Day Special (nearly a month late). It’s the thought that counts or in this case many many pretty red heart shaped ones. See for me almost all holidays are over commercialised, over hyped and way too over priced but now that I bake everyone gets baked goodies so this is what my loved ones and acquaintances got;     

Sugar cookies with royal icing; both recipes from Joy of Baking. The white and red seemed like a safe bet and I used “flooding” consistency royal icing for the marbling.

I made little sleeves for each cookie with a paper doilies cut in half and did a few cookies in fondant just for a different look.  

And to finish a few chocolate covered strawberries!

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