Thursday, April 11, 2013

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow


My favourite lecturer is leaving us, right in the middle of semester might I add, and just as she had announced this she found out that her beloved pooch was dying. So this is what she got the very next day to cheer her up.

It's worth mentioning that she is a sewing teacher hence the buttons.


As per usual a holiday, any holiday, means that themed baking is in order. Since I did cake pops last year and it’s been very warm I resorted to cupcakes; less fussy but still so so vey good.

Easter egg moulds are everywhere so I tried making a couple; all I can say is messy and a pain to get out of the moulds. I didn’t want to ruin my luck and try to put them together as a whole egg so I frosted some cupcakes and put half the egg on.

Just as a side note I tried the new Philadelphia Chocolate as frosting on the cupcakes; AMAZING!
As well as the egg cupcakes I used the chocolate Philadelphia on the mini Crispy M&M easter egg cupcakes and embellished with a butterfly or a flower.
For the flower I used a press mould; it takes a bit of getting used to in terms of how much fondant to put in but you get the hang of it very quickly.


The hatching chicks, bunnies and flowers were all done with fondant. The chicks were just a matter of cutting out geometric shapes, the bunnies were done with a cookie cutter and with silver cachous for necklaces and the flowers were embossed with a daisy embosser and then had a fondant flower on the top.