Sunday, January 13, 2013

And a Very Happy New Year To You!

Now that all the sugar and liquor has worn off from the silly season and I can coherently type again I can show you all my sparkly New Years creation.

I started off with two cakes, vanilla Frangelico and chocolate Kahlua. Hey, it was New Years Eve after all. I added the liqueurs in with the milk in the baking process, just enough to infuse the cake. After it was cooled I leveled it and filled and crumb coated it with vanilla frosting. I only used frosting because I had some left over and figured it would keep the cake moist.  

 After filling and crumb coating I suggest chilling it for a little bit just so it firms up a bit especially if you are working in the heat like I was. I finished it with white chocolate ganache.

Now I am not going to lie, this was my first attempt at assembling and decorating a two-layer cake and yes it was a challenge. Instead of pouring the ganache I let it firm up a little until it was butter cream consistency and spatulated it on. The cake pops were made from off cuts when I leveled out the cake.The stars and hearts I cut out from purple fondant, dusted with edible glitter and used craft wire to hold them up. The lollipop sticks I used for the cake pops are hollow so they were perfect to stand my sparklers. I also added a few sparklers to the cake too, just for kicks!   

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