Sunday, November 4, 2012


Another one inspired by Nerdy Nummies and since I had a Bbq to go to it seemed like a good time to try it out, yay test subjects!

This one wasn’t hard as such just fiddly. As usual I rolled the balls in to circles but to make it a bit more realistic I indented the bottom with my thumb.

Four bags of marshmallows later my sage advice about the bottoms of the mushrooms? Use gluten free marshmallows! They are firmer and therefore don’t deform when you pop them on a stick. Also dusting the stick with powered sugar helps it slide into position. And its keeps getting tricker; attach the cake pop, dip but don’t attach the marshmallow straight away. Let the chocolate dry for a bit and when you think its safe (deep breath) slide the marshmallow down and hold it against the cake pop. By letting the chocolate dry a bit first you ensure that the chocolate doesn’t drip all over the marshmallow. I do warn you though, it is messy and almost impossible, on the first go anyway, not to taint your pretty white mellows with chocolate.

Repeat with different colours and ta da! I settled on 1UP(green with white dots), Super (Red with white dots) and Life (Red with yellow stars). Because I pre-cut the shapes the hardened a little when I put them on. I suggest waiting until all the pops are dry and cutting out the shapes as you so they mould to the cake pop and don’t stick out as much.

 A bit messy but they taste great!

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