Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Baking and Baileys

So a couple of weeks ago I had the sudden urge bake with Baileys. I made a very successful batch of Baileys cream cheese brownies a couple of years ago but I couldn’t for the life of me find the same recipe but this one comes pretty close.

 I got the recipe from Wee Kitchen but instead of layering I marbled the cream cheese and Baileys mixture.

I also added chocolate chips to add a bit of texture to the brownie!

And because I had to buy a whole litre of Baileys since my local liquor store doesn’t believe in miniatures, I had to think of something more creative to do with the Baileys than drink it desperate housewives style. Then while on my third shot it came to me, Baileys butter cream and so the Baileys espresso cupcake was born! 

Not only was this my first attempt at making butter cream but it was also my first attempt at piping it too! I learnt the following; first don’t use a piping gun (too messy and not enough control) I’ll try a piping bag next time and second and most important I later found out that alcohol does not go well in butter cream, it stops the butter cream from hardening properly. Hey you live and learn and on the upside they tasted great! The other upside I found this cupcake carrier at the supermarket for half price, SCORE!

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