Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter

So since its Easter I thought why not baby chicks as cake pops? Used the cake pop maker again but revised my recipe a bit. In the instructional book that came with the maker says to add pudding mix to your cake mix as well as an extra egg. I used Weight Watchers pudding mix (that’s all I could find) and the extra egg and it really made a difference! The cake balls were denser and held the stick very well and were far easer to handle. Tasted better too! 

I used Wilton yellow candy melts to dip. I found that when melted the consistenc of the melts was a bit too thick to dip and the packet suggested to use a little bit of vegetable shortening which helped. I used the same modelling pasted I used for the bunny ears for the beak and feet just dyed it yellow with gel food colour. Forgot to pick up edible ink pen for the eyes but they still turned out cute.   

Also had some pink melts left over so made some pink bunnies!

And packaged them up nice and pretty.
Happy Easter and a very Happy Birthday to my little brother Akshay!

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